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Dynamic EquiVolume Bars Indicator for NinjaTrader

Demonstration trading video of the Dynamic Volume Bars indicator for NinjaTrader. The Dynamic Volume Bars display prices in a manner that emphasizes the relationship between price and volume. Instead of displaying volume as an “afterthought” on the lower margin of a… Read More  

Can you be a Profitable Trader?

  What System or systems do you need to be a Profitable Trader?   Find out in under 4 minutes with the FREE Trader assessment!  

Back to the Basics… Tweaking Standard NinjaTrader indicators

My good friend, Erich Senft. from Traders Helping Traders recently did a great video on tweaking standard indicators to improve your day trading efforts.  His recommendations are solid points whether you are using standard Ninja Trader indicators or custom indicators… Read More  

The Greatest Secret to Trading Success

The greatest secret to trading or investing success is in your Position Sizing, It’s a secret because very few people understand and even fewer people know how to use it. Stick with me… because a the end of this e-mail… Read More