Driving Force Behind the NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse

How it happened…

I’ve always been interested in knowing how things work.  Be it machines, social systems, and most of all, people.  It’s probably why I feel so at home in the day trading world.  It’s a mix of modern technology, economics, human emotion and psychology that swirls up into a waveform shown on a NinjaTrader chart to ask you a very simple question: “Do you want in?”

That simple question can open the door to independent wealth and professional freedom.  It can also be a way for you to lose all your money.  As the old sayings go, “Fools rush in,” and “gamblers always lose.”

However, with some education, common sense, and a trading plan that follows a sound methodology, you can succeed in the same manner others have done so before you.  Which is to say, if you treat it like a business which operates according to proven systems and processes, you open the door to long-term success as well as profitable short-term consistency.

When I started trading, there was, of course, no NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse available for new traders.  I found myself spending a lot of time learning about trading methods and the tools – indicators.  I wanted to know how the indicators worked.  And once I knew, I wanted to find ways to increase their accuracy.  It’s just my nature – I’m always looking for ways to take something good and make it great, whether that be a trading system, a business plan, or parenting my children.

“The Holy Grail of Trading Exists! It’s just not what you think it is!”

By default, I became not only an “indicator expert” but also an expert on the programmers who built the NinjaTrader indicators.  Frankly, I was surprised how willing they were to not only listen to me but run with my suggestions for improvements.  And I mean run!  I would email them and say, “You know, it would be great if your XYZ indicator could …” Most of the time I would hear back a few days later with an email saying, “Here you go, Adam…”

I knew that other day traders wanted to get their hands on these new tools and that’s what led me to create one website that housed all the best indicators and systems.

The NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse opened its doors in May 2009.  We are one of the best NinjaTrader partners in the industry.  That makes me proud.  But, what excites me is the constant stream of emails we get from Happy Customers.

What I learned…

What I’ve learned as a trader is that there is no “best” method or approach to trading. Certainly, one teacher or trading coach will emphasize their system works best.  But this is no more surprising than a baseball coach who says the same thing about his method – or a chef, a race-car driver, a game hunter, or dojo master.

However, there are certain things on which 90% of successful traders and coaches agree.  After that, it comes down to a trading style that fits with your personality.  It might be micro scalping or long-term trends, or something in between.

What is a trading indicator?

Trading indicators are tools much like a power saw or a hammer. Every trader has a set of tools.  If you learn how to use them properly, they can help you build wealth.  But if you use them incorrectly, they can, like a saw or hammer, be dangerous.

A system is a collection of indicators with a particular method wrapped around it. It’s still a tool, but now it’s akin to a car rather than a single device. You have a sports car for a particular purpose, a truck for another purpose, a camper for yet another purpose. Each trading system has a different purpose – a different way of “getting you there,” – i.e. putting money in your bank account.

You don’t race the camper. You don’t carry sheets of plywood on the top of a Porsche.  Use the tool for its purpose. Otherwise, it becomes dangerous.  Use it for what it was built for, and it will “get you there.”

And, like cars, new indicators and systems are built every year with more features, increased simplicity of use, and more options.  We are constantly improving the systems to make it easier for you to make more money.  That’s our job!

So, at the NinjaTrader Indicator Warehouse, we are on this mission with you.  Our job is to give you the most powerful market detection technology available as well as the support and training necessary to take the maximum out of the market for the long-term.

We are a value driven organization.  My door is always open; please feel free to contact me at any time.  

“We get to be on the cutting edge of innovative NinjaTrader trading technology and constantly have an opportunity to help make people’s lives better… What more could you ask for?” 

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