RSI: Trader's Secret Weapon

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Why is RSI the "Secret Weapon" of Many Traders?

For many years, RSI has been a popular indicator. In fact, RSI is the most often quoted indicator, period. And that's because it works.

Perhaps you already use RSI or have tried to use it occasionally.

But do you really know the fine points of how to use RSI to improve your trading results the way professionals do?

This FREE GuideBook -- RSI: Trader's Secret Weapon -- will explain the essential keys to using RSI effectively:

  • What periods to use
  • When to use RSI in the decision process
  • How to use RSI trendlines
  • What to do about "divergence"
  • RSI vs. MACD and MOM indicators
  • What are the strengths of RSI -- and its limitations

RSI is all about "support & resistance", and Eric Senft, author of The Truth About Trading Support and Resistance, will show you exactly how to best use RSI -- often considered the "king" of all indicators.

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